We provide painted contact lenses, specializing in custom coloring of soft contact lenses for special effects and therapeutic iris designs.

RSP Gas Permeable Photochromic Lens

Photochromic colour
Darkens in sunlight, providing relief from glare
Changes from light turquoise green to a strong blue colour
Transition time (on eye) is 15 to 20 seconds and reversal time is 45 seconds (60%) to 3 minutes (100%)

New Bellina Lenses (replaces Elegance)

3 colour tint combination on lenses with dark rim around the limbus
Ice Blue, Pacific Blue, Leaf Green, Chestnut Brown, Violet, Slate Grey
55% water
Base 8.60, Diameter 14.2, Power range -8.00 to +8.00

Pinhole Pupil

Minimum pinhole pupil size is 1.50mm

Black Occluder Pupil

Available with enhancer tint iris colours and with painted iris
Only in 74% water content material


Dark red pupil generally 6.0 mm or larger
For treatment of colour vision deficiency (for non dominant eye), retinosa pigmentosa, achromatopsia
Available in choice of 38% water content or 74% water content material

Fun Lenses
Various patterns with conventional 1 year lenses. See the attached patterns. Includes cats eye, pumpkins, ghosts, shamrocks, bats etc.

Pastel tints will enhance the colour of light eyes to a stunning shade of blue, aquamarine, violet, green or brown. Click the above button for detailed information on our Enhancer Tints.