Tinted Lenses

We provide painted contact lenses, specializing in custom coloring of soft contact lenses for special effects and therapeutic iris designs.

Cantor Prosthetic Lenses boast both comfort and near-photographic quality iris detail. Their patented chemistry creates a glossy, smooth front surface, and the computer generated colour reproducibility allows for continued replacements.

Pastel tints will enhance the colour of light eyes to a stunning shade of blue, aquamarine, violet, green or brown. Click the above button for detailed information on our Enhancer Tints.

Cantor Cosmetic Lens
The Cantor Cosmetic lens is a lathe cut lens available in spherical or toric designs. There are 5 colours aailable in up to 3 shades. The patented process provides a unique iris pattern with thinner lens design and guaranteed reproducibility.

RSP Gas Permeable Photochromic Lens

Photochromic colour
Darkens in sunlight, providing relief from glare
Changes from light turquoise green to a strong blue colour
Transition time (on eye) is 15 to 20 seconds and reversal time is 45 seconds (60%) to 3 minutes (100%)

New Bellina Lenses (replaces Elegance)

3 colour tint combination on lenses with dark rim around the limbus
Ice Blue, Pacific Blue, Leaf Green, Chestnut Brown, Violet, Slate Grey
55% water
Base 8.60, Diameter 14.2, Power range -8.00 to +8.00

Pinhole Pupil

Minimum pinhole pupil size is 1.50mm

Black Occluder Pupil

Available with enhancer tint iris colours and with painted iris
Only in 74% water content material


Dark red pupil generally 6.0 mm or larger
For treatment of colour vision deficiency (for non dominant eye), retinosa pigmentosa, achromatopsia
Available in choice of 38% water content or 74% water content material

Fun Lenses
Various patterns with conventional 1 year lenses. See the attached patterns. Includes cats eye, pumpkins, ghosts, shamrocks, bats etc.