Welcome to Leis Vision!

Leis Vision partners with contact lens manufacturers around the world to provide Canadian Eye Care Professionals contact lenses for your patients with more challenging conditions. We provide our customers with consultation and technical support for the contact lenses we distribute. Our lenses are manfactured from the latest materials using modern manufacturing technology allowing us to provide solutions for the most demanding cases.

Our partners at Hydrogel Vision manufacture the Extreme H2O line of lenses, including the one week Extreme H2O Weekly lens, monthly wear Toric designs (LC & MC), and monthly wear sphere designs (Extreme Thin, Extreme Xtra, and Extreme 54) all manufactured in hioxifilcon material which provides all day comfort and excellent wetting characteristics.

Our associates from Soflex manufacture a wide range of custom contact lenses in materials including silicone hydrogel 3 month modality lenses as well as a wide range of conventional materials. Their state-of the-art manufacturing allows for a wide selection of unique designs and parameter ranges in all these materials. These contact lenses include the SH Toric lenses, SH Semi Scleral Soft K lenses, the ICD 16.5 rigid semi scleral, and the Eye Q multifocal lenses. Soflex also supply a wide range of monthly disposable lenses including the Dispo Air Multi and the Dispo Silk daily one day disposable lens.

Our many other partners around the world provide us with other exceptional lenses that include our coloured and painted lenses (CN Prosthetic) a wide range of rigid multifocal contact lenses (Llevations, Multiview and more) , as well as occluder lenses, bandage lenses, and rigid gas permeable lenses in numerous materials and designs.

I invite you to scroll through our website and review details about our products. Call us to discuss your clinical contact problems and our solutions. Thank you.